Winter Blues

January 23

January is a great time of year to reconsider what you thought was acceptable seasonally for fashion. Fall is easy… you can’t wait to bust out the chunky sweaters, soft leggings, structured denim, and everywhere you look the tones are warm and neutral. The onset of winter begs for wool and knits, cashmere, gorgeous long coats in navy, gray, and black… with pops of bright colors. By the time January rolls around a lot of us are hoping for spring, but we have a long way to go. So may we suggest bringing a little spring into your closet (and step!) as we trudge into the depths of winter? Try pulling a thick sweater on over your favorite spring dress and pair it with tights and chunky boots. There’s no reason to get bored with your closet just because it’s dreary outside. If you’re not sure how to winterize your spring pieces, come to Rags and we will help!