How to Transition from Winter to Spring… in One Day

November 01

If you’ve lived in Colorado for more than a week, you know it’s quite likely you’ll wake to snow and ice, and break for lunch sloshing through puddles peeling off sweaters. And you love it. Here are our tips for dressing for the everchanging weather:


Sleek Jeans

Fitted jeans are not done yet! Go for dark wash, no back-pocket embellishment, and a good fit. A little high around the waist is always better than a little low. Trust us. Some stretch in the fabric is a good thing, and is found in most current, well-made, designer label brands. You’ve got the right jeans when you’re not tugging and pulling, and there’s no sagging in the back.


A Simple Long Tee

It may sound dull at first, but hear us out. The perfect long tee is a little loose, a little long, and is a “goes with everything” color like taupe, tan or an earthy gray. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a decent collection of tees, sleeveless and long sleeved, and you’ll be happy to have a selection when you need one.


Boxy Sweater

The next layer is a boxy (not to be confused with bulky) sweater in just about any color you love. It should be boxy enough that the long tee we just mentioned is peeking out a few inches below the sweater, but not squeezed out of the bottom. The perfect sweater for the look is not too full across the shoulders, and is either long-sleeved or midsleeved.

We’re picturing an organic cream-color, with a taupe tee underneath.


A Scarf and Simple Earrings

Throw on a scarf that compliments, but doesn’t match, your sweater – a blue and tan plaid, a red and brown stripe, teal and mud houndstooth… you’ll see. Then add some simple pearl or diamond earrings, a pair that doesn’t get caught up in the scarf.


Ankle Boots or Mid-Calf Fryes

Ankle boots may have had their day in the sun (if they have they’ll be back in a few seasons!), but we think they’ve got at least a few more weeks before they’re relegated to the back of the closet or the top of the “over it” pile. Use them, the low heel ones, in these days of ice and snow in the morning and puddles by mid-day. They’re cute. They’re easy. And they look good. If you just can’t do another day of booties, go for the super cool, never out of style midcalf square toe Frye boot. These work well with the sleek jeans and the earthy modern layering, and they’ll keep your feet high and dry. Bet you get noticed!

“Car Coat”

It’s not too long and not too short. It’s just right. The in-between length makes it perfect for a day that’s a little bit cold and a little bit warm. You can layer up, and layer down. Take off the coat. Take off the scarf. You can even take off the sweater.

Stop in at Rags and see how easy, and fun, it is to start building a functional, stylish wardrobe.