Sustainable Brands We Love

By Kim Rayfield
March 6, 2020

While we consign and sell hundreds of brands at Rags, there are some brands that deserve special attention because they are doing things in the world of retail and fashion with the hope of making our planet a healthier and better place to live. There are many brands that claim to be eco-friendly, sustainable, or insert-environmentally-conscious-buzz-word-here. It’s probably true that many of them are indeed making great strides in improving how they run their companies and this is due to mounting pressure from smart consumers (like you!) who want greater accountability and transparency from the companies they spend their money and time supporting. Designers and their successful companies like Stella McCartney and Eileen Fisher are trailblazers in the world of fashion and sustainability, and have been pushing the boundaries in the world of retail before it was trendy. Smaller brands, like Amour Vert and Reformation are also striving to use organic materials and offering their items at more affordable price points than the aforementioned labels. Some more brands that are worth a second look are names like Levi’s, PACT, Patagonia, Columbia, and Athleta. None of them are “cheap” when you buy them new, but we consign and sell all of these brands daily at Rags! Two excellent resources for researching brands and discovering companies’ long-term goals for making the fashion industry less harmful to the planet are Good On You and Fashion Revolution. And, if you just feel like shopping without worrying about whether or not the brand is sustainable, know that you are doing a whole lot of good by shopping secondhand, first.