Summertime Dressing

June 27

Summertime dressing is all about fun. It’s all about bright colors, Bellinis and short shorts, hot pink nail polish and wide brim straw hats. It inherently makes women a bit more excited to get dressed… right? Well, not if you’re not in a “bare it all” mindset! Summer dressing can be exceptionally hard for women who feel uncomfortable showing arms, legs, midriffs, backs, you name it. So how do you dress for the heat when you’re feeling less than hot? It’s easier than it sounds! Wrap dresses with flutter sleeves, high-rise ripped up skinny jeans (let’s the air in!) and a cute band tee, or a gauzy long-sleeved linen button-down tied at the waist with a flowy midi skirt are three easy outfits for summer dressing without showing too much skin. Try it—or come in to Rags and we’ll show you how!