Shopping Smart

November 27

Every day we go through hundreds of items and we are looking at four different things when we consign: style, condition, brand, and season. Keeping in mind the brand aspect (the trickiest!) to our consignment process, allow us to offer you a bit of advice. First of all, never cut the label out of your clothes! It instantly lowers their resale value. But beyond that, the best tip we can offer you during this season while you shop and gift, is to shop smart… not cheap. Because we, and most consignment stores, do not accept most fast-fashion mall or big box brands, don’t shop those stores for the bulk of your closet, because they will have a short life- and you will likely wind up donating them to a thrift store, where they will likely not sell because they don’t hold up over time. Then they just wind up in a trash heap somewhere. Investment pieces are just that… meaning your clothes will have a longer life… and you can make some cash back! So, if you need to buy new, shop smart, not cheap, and we’ll see you at Rags when you’re ready to make some money back on that fabulous piece!