Second-hand Gifting

December 13

For a long time it was considered taboo to give a gift that was second-hand, or “used.” But now that is changing. More and more people are learning that we can’t continue to churn out “new” day in and day out without there being many lasting negative impacts on the environment. So, smart shoppers are turning to alternatives, like buying and gifting second-hand. Much of our inventory is not only clean, stylish, and a quality brand, but a lot of it actually IS new. Many people consign items that they could not wear, so it still has tags, or consign gifts that didn’t suit them but they couldn’t return. You’ll often find “new in box” items like Fitbit bands, cell phone cases, jewelry, and purses — all brand spankin’ new. Come see what great giftable items you can find at Rags, you’ll be glad you did!