Neon for Fall

By Kim Rayfield
September 5, 2019

A “pop of neon” is almost always trending. A full-blown neon look comes and goes in waves, but mostly as an accent it sticks around as, believe it or not, a closet staple. Many people shy away from it and it’s easy to see why. It’s neon! It’s bright, bold, and nothing says “look at me” like neon colors. For those who would rather not scream “look at me” with their outfits, there are ways to incorporate the ever trendy and always wearable “pop of neon” to your look. The key is to find a piece that feels like you. Don’t force yourself to adhere to a trend for the sake of being trendy. Style is about being comfortable and yourself… but it can also be about pushing the boundaries a bit. Find a pair of neon socks and let a little sliver peekaboo outside your ankle boot. Try a neon collared shirt under a black sweater. It’s easy to find what works for you if you’re willing to give it a try. As always, come on in to Rags and we would love to help you find a great pop of neon to add to your wardrobe!