Making Your Clothes Last Longer

By Kim Rayfield
November 14, 2019

We all have that one piece of clothing that is just… perfect. It works with everything, is totally comfortable, and is most likely no longer sold anywhere. Sadly, there will ultimately come a day when it is no longer wearable. While we can’t guarantee you’ll happen upon that exact piece in our store, we can guarantee that we can help you make it last longer! We use a couple different tools in the stores to help items look their best — and they are completely accessible to you as well! If you click this link it will take you right to where you can order them. Here’s a quick breakdown on what some of our favorite tools can do for your closet staples — making your clothes, and your money, last longer.

  • Garment Steamer: These get a lot of miles at all of our stores! Every hanging item we consign gets steamed before it goes out on the floor, so that it looks fresh and wrinkle-free for our shoppers. Steaming is gentler on your clothes than ironing, and easier too, making them last longer and your back ache less.
  • Boot Shapers: We love these for displaying boots in our stores, but more than that, they help the leather maintain its shape and not get those terrible creases on the sides from falling over in your closet.
  • Lint Brush: So much better than a lint roller! Not only is it light years better for the environment, but also gentler on your clothing. Just go against the weave of the fabric and it removes lint and hair with ease. This is better used on fabrics that aren’t knit, as the knits will pull with the lint brush, so you can use a lint roller on those.
  • Remington Defuzzer: this is a life saver for your sweaters, making them look fresh and new each season! This gently removes the pills that happen from washing and even dry cleaning, so you can think twice before getting rid of that 5 year old cashmere, because one quick use with this and it looks brand new again.
  • Suede Brush: Have some sad-looking suede boots that you once loved? No fear, this thing will make them look good as new in a matter of seconds. This suede brush is a true miracle worker. Just get one of these and brush up your suede boots (or jackets!) and see for yourself.

There are more supplies here and you’ll see what you can find! Come on in to Rags and ask us about any of these supplies and we will be happy to show you how they work.