Low-Rise Jeans and Their Inevitable Return

By Kim Rayfield
January 31, 2020

For many years every consignor behind a Rags consigning counter has been turning away denim in great shape for the sole reason that low-rise jeans just do not sell. And this is still true. They aren’t selling… right now. But we have come to face (maybe not quite yet accept) the hard facts. They are definitely coming back. Of course, just because they were on the runways this last season, and big name celebrities are wearing them today, it doesn’t mean that we will be seeing them on the streets for quite some time. So don’t barrage us with your stacks of low-rise denim… yet! But if you were a fan of the low-rise look because it suited you better (likely if you have a tiny frame and narrower hips), this might come as good news for you. But for the rest of us who are quite comfortable with a solid mid-to-high rise, you don’t need to fret. Why not? Because guess what — you’re a grown woman and have no reason to follow the trends! Just wear the jeans that fit you best and make you feel comfortable. This is the only way to go, and thank the denim gods because there’s no way some of us are ever going back.

*Pro tip for figuring out if jeans are high-, mid-, or low-rise before trying them on: pay attention to the length from crotch to button. Low-rise will have a very small amount of denim, about a hands length. Mid-rise will have about a hand and a half, high will have about 2 (or more!) hand lengths.

Love, Rags