Getting Dressed for the Holidays

November 13

If you have a holiday party or event to attend this coming season, don’t stress about what to wear, we’ve got you covered! Remember… these parties and events should be fun, and what you wear should make you feel comfortable and beautiful. It’s a great time to add some oomph to your routine and get dressed up a bit to celebrate the magic of the season. This can mean sparkles & sequins, or a classic LBD. Whatever makes you feel your best. If you don’t want to buy a new dress because you have the perfect one already, you can make it fresh this year with a pair of statement earrings, or new-to-you heels or boots. If you’re over dresses and want to try a different look, go for a modern and well-tailored suit, or a blazer with a bustier and black skinny jeans. You’re sure to be a showstopper, just come on in to Rags for inspiration! We’re always happy to help.