Consignment Shopping vs. Thrifting

August 08

Consignment stores often get mixed up with thrift stores and we are here to help identify the key differences. First of all, thrift stores are wonderful in their own way. It’s like a deep dive treasure hunt. You really never know what you will find. Shopping consignment is also like a treasure hunt, but curated. Thrift stores are minimally sorted (staff sorts out the very dirty and damaged donated items) where a consignment store staff works hard to only sell items that are like new and very current, or specifically caters to their niche (like a vintage consignment store). At Rags our goal is to provide quality and stylish women’s clothing and accessories at a fraction of the original cost. We are not necessarily focused on the passing of trends or fads, but on quality and timeless style. Everything we sell has been hand selected, steamed and carefully put out on our floor. We also keep inventory so you can always call and ask if we have something in a specific brand, size, or color. We hope your next visit to Rags is friendly, fun, and successful!