Frequently Asked Questions

Which items do you accept?

We consign mall and boutique brand women’s clothing, handbags, footwear and accessories. We are selective about what we consign, so not everything will make the cut. Download our  Brands We Love list to get an idea of what brands we’re most excited about consigning. Note: We do not accept items without any label, whether it has been cut off, fallen off, or never had one to begin with.

How many items can I bring?

We are happy to look at 30 items per person per day.

What are your consigning hours?

At our stores in Boulder, Cherry Creek (Denver), and Austin we accept consignments up to one hour prior to store closing:
MONDAY-SATURDAY 10am – 6pm (close at 7pm) and SUNDAY 10am – 4pm (close at 5pm)

Sorry, no consigning at the Rags Warehouse. Lots of shopping!

How much money do I receive?

Consignors receive 40% of the item’s sell price. All the items at the Rags Warehouse still have their original ownership info on each item, and the consignor is still compensated if the item sells.

How do I check my account balance?

Our consignors can stroll in, call in, or text us.

Boulder: 303-440-5758
Cherry Creek: 720-508-3181
Austin: 737-212-0442‬

Where do my clothes go if I don’t pick them up?

If items are not picked up, they are either sent directly to our non-profit groups (see We Support for a current listing), or they are selected to move onto our sister stores (Boulder to Cherry Creek / Cherry Creek to Boulder), or they are sent to the Warehouse, where they are stored for up to a year, and brought back out to sell at a 20% discount.

What is the Rags Warehouse?

Initially, the Warehouse was going to be a “sorting and organizing space,” but with zoning for retail, lots of stuff that’s really great, and with so many items that didn’t sell, they are worth another look. So we decided to become another “store.” The Warehouse is open to the public Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm, and offers 20% off every item every day! We host big blowout 50% off sales twice a year — fall and spring. Follow us on Instagram @ILoveRags to find out the specifics of the sales.

You may think you’ve seen everything at every store, but… you haven’t. We haven’t either! This is your chance to look again.

Can I sell at one Rags location and buy at another?

Yes! You can check accounts and use store credit at any of the locations.

Can Rags come to me?

Maybe! We offer “Mobile consigning” to a select few for just $25 per pick up. First, call, text, or fill out our Pick-Up Request form (below). Give us a day or two, and we’ll connect with you to find out more about what kinds of items you have and whether you and Rags are a good – Mobile – fit. Assuming we’re compatible, we’ll make a plan for pick up, sort and gather your things at your place, and consign your items at one of our stores — making it easy for you to consign your beautiful items with Rags.


Pick-Up Request Form

30-40 Items40-60 Items60+ (really great!) Items