Cocktail Dresses and Gowns

We’ve noticed a trend with many of the gowns and dresses that are consignment. Customers will try them on, love them, but pass on taking the piece home because they have no clue when they will wear it. And without fail, dozens of these customers will come in months later and say “remember that gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown you had last year? I wish I had bought it. I have a fundraiser for work this weekend and nothing dressy enough!” We’ve heard this so many times that we thought it might be time for a PSA. Collecting a closet full of long gowns and designer cocktail dresses? We definitely see how that’s not necessary. But having one or two in a current style that fits you like a dream? Total lifesaver. It seems that you can never really find that perfect dress when you are actually looking for it! So next time you see one that you love, try it on! And may we humbly suggest taking it home if it’s “just right”… because who knows when you’ll need it!