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While we consign and sell hundreds of brands at Rags, there are some brands that deserve special attention because they are doing things in the world of retail and fashion with the hope of making our planet a healthier and better place to live. There are many brands that claim to be eco-friendly, sustainable, or […]

Accessories don’t get quite enough love. While a new-to-you blouse or pair of jeans are admittedly a tougher find, therefore feeling like a bigger “score!” it’s really the accessories that make the outfit. Having a well-curated closet often means paring down all the “extra” (who really needs 4 black sweaters?) and seeking out the perfect […]

For many years every consignor behind a Rags consigning counter has been turning away denim in great shape for the sole reason that low-rise jeans just do not sell. And this is still true. They aren’t selling… right now. But we have come to face (maybe not quite yet accept) the hard facts. They are […]

Animal Print Footwear

January 16, 2020

If there is one thing you should do for your closet this year that might feel like a big step outside your comfort zone, it should definitely be to invest in a great pair of animal print shoes. So many women feel like they “can’t pull this look off,” but to that we say with […]

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2020

Whew. We did it! The holidays have come and gone and now we are looking at a brand new decade. 2020 offers us a lot of hope — fresh starts and opportunities to reset and recharge. All of us at Rags Consignments see a lot of hope as we watch the consumer’s mindset continually shifting to […]

More Sparkle, Please

December 4, 2019

When you work in consignment you see trends come and go as quick as a flash and one we see making a big comeback this season is anything covered in sequins. Just peek into any high-end boutique and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the sparkly color and glamour that hit the runways last year […]

We all have that one piece of clothing that is just… perfect. It works with everything, is totally comfortable, and is most likely no longer sold anywhere. Sadly, there will ultimately come a day when it is no longer wearable. While we can’t guarantee you’ll happen upon that exact piece in our store, we can guarantee that […]

At Rags we are less focused on fashion and more concerned with style. Style is about the individual, fashion is notorious for being exclusive and unduly expensive. Rags is for all women to have somewhere friendly to shop, find incredible deals, and feel confident and beautiful in quality clothing. In other words, fashion is fun, but it is not […]

Choosing Fun Over Practical

October 17, 2019

Building a closet that is full of versatile basics is the foundation for any good wardrobe. But sometimes it’s fun to just indulge in something that’s…well… fun! It’s easy to swing one way or the other. There are many women who won’t buy the funky bag that just makes her smile because she doesn’t know […]