More Sparkle, Please

When you work in consignment you see trends come and go as quick as a flash and one we see making a big comeback this season is anything covered in sequins. Just peek into any high-end boutique and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the sparkly color and glamour that hit the runways last year and is now making its way onto the streets. This is a look that is always fun to wear, but can be hard to style. Here are four fun and unexpected ways to work this look into your everyday wear — because we all already know how to wear a sequin dress for New Year’s Eve! It’s smart to shop secondhand for items that fall into the “trendy” box because you’re guaranteed to save money on something that you may only wear a few times. Come on in to any Rags location and you’re sure to find a couple glittery items to shimmer your way into 2020 — or bring one you already have and we can help you find fresh and new ways to style that piece!

Love, Rags

We all have that one piece of clothing that is just… perfect. It works with everything, is totally comfortable, and is most likely no longer sold anywhere. Sadly, there will ultimately come a day when it is no longer wearable. While we can’t guarantee you’ll happen upon that exact piece in our store, we can guarantee that we can help you make it last longer! We use a couple different tools in the stores to help items look their best — and they are completely accessible to you as well! If you click this link it will take you right to where you can order them. Here’s a quick breakdown on what some of our favorite tools can do for your closet staples — making your clothes, and your money, last longer.

  • Garment Steamer: These get a lot of miles at all of our stores! Every hanging item we consign gets steamed before it goes out on the floor, so that it looks fresh and wrinkle-free for our shoppers. Steaming is gentler on your clothes than ironing, and easier too, making them last longer and your back ache less.
  • Boot Shapers: We love these for displaying boots in our stores, but more than that, they help the leather maintain its shape and not get those terrible creases on the sides from falling over in your closet.
  • Lint Brush: So much better than a lint roller! Not only is it light years better for the environment, but also gentler on your clothing. Just go against the weave of the fabric and it removes lint and hair with ease. This is better used on fabrics that aren’t knit, as the knits will pull with the lint brush, so you can use a lint roller on those.
  • Remington Defuzzer: this is a life saver for your sweaters, making them look fresh and new each season! This gently removes the pills that happen from washing and even dry cleaning, so you can think twice before getting rid of that 5 year old cashmere, because one quick use with this and it looks brand new again.
  • Suede Brush: Have some sad-looking suede boots that you once loved? No fear, this thing will make them look good as new in a matter of seconds. This suede brush is a true miracle worker. Just get one of these and brush up your suede boots (or jackets!) and see for yourself.

There are more supplies here and you’ll see what you can find! Come on in to Rags and ask us about any of these supplies and we will be happy to show you how they work.

At Rags we are less focused on fashion and more concerned with style. Style is about the individual, fashion is notorious for being exclusive and unduly expensive. Rags is for all women to have somewhere friendly to shop, find incredible deals, and feel confident and beautiful in quality clothing. In other words, fashion is fun, but it is not our primary goal to be a “high-fashion destination.” But every once in awhile it can be pretty exciting to see the new heights that used clothing can reach in the fashion world. Celebrities are starting to rewear red carpet looks and publicly stating when they shop secondhand. The fashion industry seems to be catching on to what consumers want — which is affordability and becoming more environmentally sustainable. Which is why when we are afforded the opportunity to see what secondhand clothing can do in fun projects like fashion shoots — we are all in! Below you’ll find some photos of what consigned clothing can look like in a professional photo spread. So if you, or someone you know, is looking to style a shoot, don’t overlook Rags or your local consignment store. Unique pieces and high-value items are easily attainable when you style using secondhand clothes and accessories… just see for yourself!

*photos taken by Dani Faulkenberry and Jessica Cooke. Hair done by Taylor Houser and Makeup by Jordan Brittany. Styled by Kim Rayfield, Rags Cherry Creek manager.
*All clothing and accessories from Rags Consignments.

Building a closet that is full of versatile basics is the foundation for any good wardrobe. But sometimes it’s fun to just indulge in something that’s…well… fun! It’s easy to swing one way or the other. There are many women who won’t buy the funky bag that just makes her smile because she doesn’t know how or when to wear it, or there’s the woman who has a closet full of kitsch, but is scrambling to put a professional outfit together for her first big interview. There is a way to have the best of both worlds! The key is to find the areas in your life where you have some room for fun. If you have a strict dress code at work, look for some weekend attire that allows you to express yourself in a way you normally can’t indulge. If you work from home and live in funky sweatshirts and the coolest range of denim, seek those key pieces that take you from your living room to center stage when you’re out on the town. Lean in to what you gravitate towards, and then edit from there! Come on in to Rags and tell us that you’re looking for some spice in your life, and then we will help you troubleshoot the reality of when you will be able to wear those  items. As always, we are happy to help!

Did you know that denim is perhaps the worst offender in the textile and garment waste problem? The garment industry employs one in every sixth person on Earth and it takes nearly 2,000 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make one pair of blue jeans. On top of all that water waste, there is the issue of stone-washing, or acid-washing our denim. It is an incredibly toxic task for the workers (mostly in China & Vietnam) to get the hard work of distressing denim done. Thankfully there have been many technological developments to help with the processes used to make the 364 million pairs of denim sold in the U.S. alone. These new developments will certainly help with the quality of life for the garment workers and with the water waste, but it does not change the fact that Americans own, on average, 7 pairs of denim and buy 4 new pairs each year. Help break the cycle! We have consigned 250 pairs of jeans at our three locations in the last 7 days. By purchasing second-hand denim from Rags you are participating in a recycling system that directly helps everyone in your community. See you soon!

*source: From Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes by Dana Thomas

People call and ask us all the time, “do you take athletic wear?” to which we always respond, at every location, with a resounding “YES!” Athletic wear is our top seller, hands down. Specifically, Lululemon. In Boulder, Denver, and Austin alike, ladies love their athletic wear. And what’s not to love? Long gone are the days of baggy sweats and stained t-shirts for exercise. Just look at any style blogger and you’ll discover that the biggest and most surprising trend right now is a chunky over-sized blazer paired with a cropped knotted tee and bike shorts! If you love athleisure, but don’t love to pay $100 for a pair of leggings, you should absolutely swing by a Rags Consignments. With brands like Lululemon, Alo Yoga, Adidas, Lucy, Athleta, Outdoor Voices and more, you’re guaranteed to find something perfect for your next workout, hike, or even for showcasing your next fashion-forward and on-trend outfit. See you soon!

A “pop of neon” is almost always trending. A full-blown neon look comes and goes in waves, but mostly as an accent it sticks around as, believe it or not, a closet staple. Many people shy away from it and it’s easy to see why. It’s neon! It’s bright, bold, and nothing says “look at me” like neon colors. For those who would rather not scream “look at me” with their outfits, there are ways to incorporate the ever trendy and always wearable “pop of neon” to your look. The key is to find a piece that feels like you. Don’t force yourself to adhere to a trend for the sake of being trendy. Style is about being comfortable and yourself… but it can also be about pushing the boundaries a bit. Find a pair of neon socks and let a little sliver peekaboo outside your ankle boot. Try a neon collared shirt under a black sweater. It’s easy to find what works for you if you’re willing to give it a try. As always, come on in to Rags and we would love to help you find a great pop of neon to add to your wardrobe!

This day and age consumerism comes with a lot of guilt. There’s always something we can be doing better, always someone shouting about how we need to be doing more. But there are ways that you can easily do good and feel good at the same time. Shop recycled clothes! The garment industry makes up 6.7% of the global climate impact and clothing and textiles are the number one source of primary micro plastics into the ocean. It’s easy to shop secondhand clothes and know that you’re truly doing something helpful and good for the environment. Celebrate that! Maybe challenge yourself to go 30 days without buying any new clothing, jewelry, or purses. Overall clothing consumption is projected to double by 2030, but who says that we can’t change that? We definitely can. Let’s shop small, shop secondhand, and be a part of the Fashion Revolution!

Consignment stores often get mixed up with thrift stores and we are here to help identify the key differences. First of all, thrift stores are wonderful in their own way. It’s like a deep dive treasure hunt. You really never know what you will find. Shopping consignment is also like a treasure hunt, but curated. Thrift stores are minimally sorted (staff sorts out the very dirty and damaged donated items) where a consignment store staff works hard to only sell items that are like new and very current, or specifically caters to their niche (like a vintage consignment store). At Rags our goal is to provide quality and stylish women’s clothing and accessories at a fraction of the original cost. We are not necessarily focused on the passing of trends or fads, but on quality and timeless style. Everything we sell has been hand selected, steamed and carefully put out on our floor. We also keep inventory so you can always call and ask if we have something in a specific brand, size, or color. We hope your next visit to Rags is friendly, fun, and successful!