Spring Cleaning

Everyone is cleaning out their closet during this time of year. It feels great to get organized as you prepare for spring! We like to set up our closets like we organize our store, starting with the season. First, tuck your spring and summer clothes into the back corners of your closet during the winter, and pull out all the heavier pieces to the forefront, then organize by color and sleeve length where it applies. Then do the same, reverse, as the warm weather approaches.There are many bonuses to organizing your closet by season, one of them being that you have “new” clothes every time a new one rolls around! If you need more tips, come in to Rags, we are happy to help!

At Rags we get excited about ALL forms of reuse when it comes to fashion. Did you know that one of the most affordable and practical ways to make your closet last longer is to update what you already have? When you purchase quality clothes made with durable fabrics, it’s easy to patch, sew, and update. Whether you’re crafty yourself, or you have a trusted tailor, it’s fantastic to go through your closet and set aside some pieces that you love, but don’t wear anymore for any number of reasons: like a ripped seam or tired soles on your shoes. At Rags we are not able to take those items — but it doesn’t mean you have to throw them away! Try to see how you can update or repurpose them, and you’ll see how good it feels to get many more years out of a tried and true look.

January is a great time of year to reconsider what you thought was acceptable seasonally for fashion. Fall is easy… you can’t wait to bust out the chunky sweaters, soft leggings, structured denim, and everywhere you look the tones are warm and neutral. The onset of winter begs for wool and knits, cashmere, gorgeous long coats in navy, gray, and black… with pops of bright colors. By the time January rolls around a lot of us are hoping for spring, but we have a long way to go. So may we suggest bringing a little spring into your closet (and step!) as we trudge into the depths of winter? Try pulling a thick sweater on over your favorite spring dress and pair it with tights and chunky boots. There’s no reason to get bored with your closet just because it’s dreary outside. If you’re not sure how to winterize your spring pieces, come to Rags and we will help!

It’s that time of year where everyone is making resolutions, trying to break old habits, and form new ones. While at Rags we think the most important thing is taking care of yourself — mind, body and soul — we can get on board with the idea that sometimes it feels great to do some closet clean outs, purging what you don’t need or wear, and allowing some “new” into your life. It’s a great time to make room in your closet for something new that inspires you, or just clearing out the clutter to rediscover something old that you’d forgotten you loved!

We can’t even begin to tell you how many times a day we hear a woman say “oh, that’s fabulous but I can’t pull that off!” And it’s just not true! Unfortunately, society is constantly telling women to dress certain ways, and sometimes we can settle into a “style rut.” We are here to encourage you to try something on if you love it, forget that your mother told you when you were twelve that you can’t wear that shade of pink, or that a magazine said women over the age of forty shouldn’t show their knees. Try on what you love! And trust that at Rags, we will be honest with you and help you find a look that you not only feel comfortable in, but we will also help you find a look you’ve always wanted to try. Happy shopping!

For a long time it was considered taboo to give a gift that was second-hand, or “used.” But now that is changing. More and more people are learning that we can’t continue to churn out “new” day in and day out without there being many lasting negative impacts on the environment. So, smart shoppers are turning to alternatives, like buying and gifting second-hand. Much of our inventory is not only clean, stylish, and a quality brand, but a lot of it actually IS new. Many people consign items that they could not wear, so it still has tags, or consign gifts that didn’t suit them but they couldn’t return. You’ll often find “new in box” items like Fitbit bands, cell phone cases, jewelry, and purses — all brand spankin’ new. Come see what great giftable items you can find at Rags, you’ll be glad you did!

Every day we go through hundreds of items and we are looking at four different things when we consign: style, condition, brand, and season. Keeping in mind the brand aspect (the trickiest!) to our consignment process, allow us to offer you a bit of advice. First of all, never cut the label out of your clothes! It instantly lowers their resale value. But beyond that, the best tip we can offer you during this season while you shop and gift, is to shop smart… not cheap. Because we, and most consignment stores, do not accept most fast-fashion mall or big box brands, don’t shop those stores for the bulk of your closet, because they will have a short life- and you will likely wind up donating them to a thrift store, where they will likely not sell because they don’t hold up over time. Then they just wind up in a trash heap somewhere. Investment pieces are just that… meaning your clothes will have a longer life… and you can make some cash back! So, if you need to buy new, shop smart, not cheap, and we’ll see you at Rags when you’re ready to make some money back on that fabulous piece!

If you have a holiday party or event to attend this coming season, don’t stress about what to wear, we’ve got you covered! Remember… these parties and events should be fun, and what you wear should make you feel comfortable and beautiful. It’s a great time to add some oomph to your routine and get dressed up a bit to celebrate the magic of the season. This can mean sparkles & sequins, or a classic LBD. Whatever makes you feel your best. If you don’t want to buy a new dress because you have the perfect one already, you can make it fresh this year with a pair of statement earrings, or new-to-you heels or boots. If you’re over dresses and want to try a different look, go for a modern and well-tailored suit, or a blazer with a bustier and black skinny jeans. You’re sure to be a showstopper, just come on in to Rags for inspiration! We’re always happy to help.

Did you know that one truckload of clothing is wasted per second? It’s an overwhelming problem, but you can be a part of the solution by shopping at Rags. We are not only passionate about providing quality and stylish clothes at a fraction of the original cost, but we are also motivated to help reduce the waste caused by the “take, make, dispose” mentality of the clothing industry as it stands today. Shopping for second-hand clothes gives the materials used to make those garments a second chance to avoid landfills. There are many designers who are cognisant of this problem and who are trying their best to do their part as well, like Stella McCartney and Eileen Fisher. Both brands we love and sell at Rags! Come on in, where you can shop, save, and recycle!

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