Cocktail Dresses and Gowns

We’ve noticed a trend with many of the gowns and dresses that are consignment. Customers will try them on, love them, but pass on taking the piece home because they have no clue when they will wear it. And without fail, dozens of these customers will come in months later and say “remember that gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown you had last year? I wish I had bought it. I have a fundraiser for work this weekend and nothing dressy enough!” We’ve heard this so many times that we thought it might be time for a PSA. Collecting a closet full of long gowns and designer cocktail dresses? We definitely see how that’s not necessary. But having one or two in a current style that fits you like a dream? Total lifesaver. It seems that you can never really find that perfect dress when you are actually looking for it! So next time you see one that you love, try it on! And may we humbly suggest taking it home if it’s “just right”… because who knows when you’ll need it!

Summertime dressing is all about fun. It’s all about bright colors, Bellinis and short shorts, hot pink nail polish and wide brim straw hats. It inherently makes women a bit more excited to get dressed… right? Well, not if you’re not in a “bare it all” mindset! Summer dressing can be exceptionally hard for women who feel uncomfortable showing arms, legs, midriffs, backs, you name it. So how do you dress for the heat when you’re feeling less than hot? It’s easier than it sounds! Wrap dresses with flutter sleeves, high-rise ripped up skinny jeans (let’s the air in!) and a cute band tee, or a gauzy long-sleeved linen button-down tied at the waist with a flowy midi skirt are three easy outfits for summer dressing without showing too much skin. Try it—or come in to Rags and we’ll show you how!

Power clashing… what is it? It’s the art of mixing seemingly contrasting prints in an outfit and it is one of the most exciting ways to up your style ante without having to purchase new clothes. You’ll be surprised at how many new outfits you can put together with what you already have. It can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! The photos will give you some ideas but really you only need to remember three things.

  1. Only mix big prints and small prints together.
  2. Keep your accessories neutral if you’re using colorful prints.
  3. Have fun!

Circular fashion… what is it? It’s the idea that nothing ever goes away. Most of us grew up thinking that once something is thrown away, it’s gone. At a birthday party recently, a mom stopped some children from letting balloons float off into the sky, citing how bad that is for the environment. Another mom piped up and (very gently) said, “as opposed to popping the balloons and throwing them into the trash?” Touché, environmentally conscious mama, touché. This awareness is the idea behind circular fashion. Every purchase we make winds up somewhere, even the packaging it arrives in. So yes, shopping a second-hand website is one way to make a positive change in shopping habits, but going to your local consignment store will eliminate all of that plastic and cardboard packaging involved. Even better!

Accessories are one of the easiest and most exciting things to buy on consignment. They have a great resale value because they don’t show wear as quickly as clothing does. So finding a great designer bag on consignment is not difficult to do and they will always be practically (or literally!) brand new if you find them at Rags. And there’s always more than just bags! Shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, wallets, hats, belts, you can find it all at our stores. So before you decide to go purchase those dreamy Ray-Bans or Nike sneakers full-price at the mall, check out our Rags locations and you’ll never know what great deal you may find. Happy shopping!

Springtime in Colorado can be frustrating when it comes to getting dressed. One day it’s 70 degrees, another it’s dumping snow. There are millions of ways to work around this, most of them include millions of layers. That’s a tried and true approach and everyone who lives here already knows it. The question is… does it mean dressing like it is… still winter? We don’t think so. Just because the weather outside is frightful doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be delightful! Don’t abandon all your hopes for spring and the vivid colors it brings, just layer under rather than over. A bright white turtleneck under your favorite Lilly Pulitzer dress, sure! Throw a denim jacket over that and some ankle boots with socks and you are warm and springy at the same time. Done!

Consignment shopping has a LOT of benefits, but of the many reasons to shop consignment, our favorite by far is the benefit of having a choice. Many of us desire to shop ethically, but we just can’t afford to do so. There are many labels and designers who have made the difficult (and expensive!) choice to only create clothes that source quality fabric and are made in factories that are run with the utmost integrity. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have access to those brands either because we don’t have time to search them out or we just plain can’t afford it. Enter: your local consignment store! There you know you are supporting a small business and can find many of these brands that are normally too expensive for a stricter budget. Not to mention, any of the other more “fast-fashion” brands that you may find in the store are second-hand, meaning they are living a double-life — which is great for the environment AND the economy! It’s a win/win!

We love the idea of having a style uniform. It is impossible to be creative and come up with a new look every single day. So why not have a uniform, a basic polished look that can get you through those rushed mornings? You most likely already do have one- look in your laundry basket! Most likely the clothes you’re rifling to look for day in and day out, those are the pieces that you gravitate towards. Find out what makes you feel the most you and see what you can do to make the look as stylish as possible, streamlining your closet and choosing to make those your investment pieces. Once you know your uniform, it can make getting dressed much easier when you just don’t have it in you to go all out!

It is general knowledge at this point that shopping second-hand is great for the environment. But the benefits do not end there! Shopping consignment is a great way to find unique pieces so you don’t show up to the party in the same outfit as your friends. And the stigma of shopping second-hand because it’s “cheap” is lifting as well. Even if you aren’t shopping on a budget, why NOT check out your local consignment store? We often will have a current-season designer bag that is sold across the road at the mall — with a savings of hundreds of dollars! No matter what your financial situation, it always feels good to save money.