Accessories are Worth the Investment

By Kim Rayfield
February 21, 2020

Accessories don’t get quite enough love. While a new-to-you blouse or pair of jeans are admittedly a tougher find, therefore feeling like a bigger “score!” it’s really the accessories that make the outfit. Having a well-curated closet often means paring down all the “extra” (who really needs 4 black sweaters?) and seeking out the perfect pop to make a classic outfit stand out. It’s entirely possible to wear the same outfit in a dozen different ways given the right accessories. Statement jewelry may not be for everyone, but there are a lot of ways to make a statement without wearing a giant necklace. Next time you’re in a Rags, check out the fun print ankle boots, or brightly colored bags, and think about how your next girls night out may not need a new dress but maybe that classic black dress you already own just needs a fun pair of leopard print shoes. If you’re not sure how to wear something you’re attracted to but feels too “out there”— just ask and a Rags staff member will brainstorm with you. We get so many new things in every day that we are constantly oohing and aahing over that we would love to show you. Just ask. Happy shopping!